139 Scroggin Park
Georgetown, KY 40324
fax 502-863-3771



Residents are to notify the Maintenance office at 502-863-3773 ext. 111 immediately of the need for any repairs.

If a repair is made and the problem continues contact the Maintenance office.

To allow pest extermination and cooperate with the GHA in preparing the unit for extermination.

To remove all snow from such areas of the sidewalk as is assigned to Resident by the GHA;  The Resident will remove snow within twenty-four (24) hours after snowfall, except Residents who are unable to perform such tasks because of age or disability may request an exemption in writing.

To remove from GHA property any vehicles owned or in the control of the household, that are without valid registration and GHA stickers.  To refrain from parking any vehicles in any right-of-way, fire-lane and, or other GHA property not designated for parking purposes.  Any inoperable or unlicensed vehicle as described above will be removed from GHA property at the resident’s expense.  Automobile repairs are not permitted on GHA property.

To keep the premises and such other areas as may be assigned to Resident, for Resident's exclusive use, in a clean and safe condition, this includes the outside of your unit.